A Recap of Last Summer's Unforgettable AUD Summer Camp

As the warm rays of summer embraced Dubai, the American University in Dubai (AUD) hosted an extraordinary summer camp that left participants buzzing with excitement.

Aug 03, 2023

As the warm rays of summer embraced Dubai, the American University in Dubai (AUD) hosted an extraordinary summer camp that left participants buzzing with excitement. AUD Summer Camp 2023 was a one-of-a-kind experience that brought together students from across the globe for a week of learning, fun, and personal growth. One of the camp's main goals was for participants to learn more about undergraduate programs, learning within a university classroom with university faculty, and the overall independent life of a university student.


AUD Summer Camp 2023 was truly groundbreaking. It marked the first of its kind in the region, setting a new standard for educational and immersive summer programs. Students in Grade 10/Year 11 and Grade 11/Year 12 were in for an adventure like no other. With over 30 nationalities represented, the camp embraced diversity in its truest form. Participants had the opportunity to connect with peers from around the world, fostering an atmosphere of cultural exchange and global understanding. It was not just a summer camp but a multicultural celebration of ideas and friendships.

The summer camp offered an impressive array of academic and extracurricular activities divided into three engaging tracks:

  1. Design Your Reality: Engineering Your Future with AI and VR
    Students delved into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). They learned to program AI algorithms, created immersive VR experiences, and explored how AI and VR revolutionized various industries. It was an eye-opening journey into the future of robotics, coding, and programming.
  2. Get Life Ready: Developing Future-Proof Skills
    This track focused on essential life skills. From effective communication and problem-solving to financial literacy and leadership, participants gained insights and practical knowledge to prepare them for life's challenges. It was a crash course in becoming well-rounded and adaptable individuals.
  3. Psychology of Media: Influenced or Influencer?
    In this track, students unraveled the psychology behind media consumption and production. They critically analyzed the impact of media on society and individuals, and many had the chance to create their own media content. It explored the power and influence of media in today's world.

    As the sun set on the final day of the camp, participants left with more than just memories; they went with a sense of accomplishment and newfound friendships that transcended borders. The AUD Summer Camp was not just about acquiring knowledge but about personal growth, cultural enrichment, and embracing the spirit of adventure. The camp concluded with a grand ending ceremony, a fitting celebration of the participants' hard work and dedication throughout the week. Efforts were celebrated, and certificates of participation were distributed. It was a moment of pride for both students and AUD, a testament to the commitment to excellence that defined the entire summer camp experience.

Though last summer's camp may be a cherished memory, it has set the stage for future editions of the AUD Summer Camp. Aspiring young minds can eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to be part of this exceptional experience. The future is bright, and AUD's commitment to providing an unparalleled summer adventure remains unwavering.

AUD summer camp 2023

The inaugural AUD Summer Camp 2023 was more than a camp; it was a life-changing experience that impacted everyone involved. As the world continues to change, AUD's dedication to fostering global perspectives and nurturing young talents ensures that each summer camp will be better than the last. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this incredible journey of exploration, learning, and friendship.

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