Science Division


The Science Division within the School of Arts and Sciences offers a range of courses both as part of the Arts & Sciences core curriculum and different undergraduate programs at AUD.

The division also offers a minor in Health Studies. Students from all Schools can register for this minor. The minor provides students with an opportunity to learn about global and local issues in health sciences and innovation, needed to cater for growing global populations and their healthcare needs in the 21st century.

To fulfill minor requirements, students must complete a total of 15 credit hours. The courses are Life Sciences for Today (SCIE 201) or Principles of Biology (BIOL 201); General Chemistry (CHRM201); Principles of Human Nutrition (SCIE241); Women’s Health (SCIE242), Environmental Health and Sustainability (SCIE251), Selected Topics in Natural Science (SCIE 275); Introduction to Biotechnology (BIOL311); Public Health (SCIE 341), Health Technology and Innovation in the 21st Century (SCIE 351) Selected Topics in Natural Sciences (SCIE 475).


SAS Minor programs
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Professor of Health and Life Sciences
Meis Moukayed
Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences
Ajmila Islam
Acting Chair of the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences & Associate Professor of Biology
Muriel Tahtouh Zaatar