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Reem Habib

CAD Assistant - School of Architecture, Art and Design

School of Architecture, Art & Design

DES - Diplôme d’Études Supérieures (Interior Architecture), Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese University, Lebanon
LEED Green Associate Certification, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
During her studies she was appointed by professors at the university to work on a project for the Gulf, Qatar and she gained an important experience in her field of study. After graduation, she relocated to Beirut and practiced Interior Design and Architecture with ANTAR GRP where she worked on different kinds of projects (residential, commercial, landscaping…) for Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, and Montreal among others.
Meanwhile, she started her freelance residential projects and furniture design where she translated her views of managing spaces based on concepts of art and living.
In December 2008 she moved to Dubai, and joined the AUD family in May 2009 as CAD-Assistant at the Interior Design department. In early 2016, Reem became CAD Assistant – School of Architecture, Art and Design.
In November 2016, Reem became certified as a LEED Green Associate, by demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of green building practices and principles needed to support the use of the LEED green building program.

Reem is fond of all kinds of arts mainly painting, (watercolor, oil and pastel) photography, sculpture, and reading books of arts, literature, fiction novels…