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Mohamad Nassereddine

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

School of Engineering

Ph.D., in Electrical Engineering, Western Sydney University, Sydney Australia
M. Eng., in Electrical Engineering, Western Sydney University, Sydney Australia
B. Eng., in Electrical Engineering, Western Sydney University, Sydney Australia
Dr. Mohamad Nassereddine

Dr. Mohamad received the Ph.D. degree in the field of High Voltage Power Systems from Western Sydney University where he also received his MEng (Hons) by Research in the field of Electric Machine and Renewable Energy. Dr. Mohamad Joined AUD in 2017 as Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining AUD, he spent the past 7 years with the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at Western Sydney University (WSU), Sydney Australia. At WSU, Dr. Mohamad delivered numerous courses for graduate and undergraduate degrees.


Dr. Mohamad has over 13 years' industrial experiences. His experiences cover the design, construction, management and commissioning of complex power systems networks and renewable energy infrastructure projects. His past experiences involved working with the latest technologies within the advanced electrical power systems for utilities and railways. His consultancies works cover the public and private sectors.


Dr. Mohamad's research interests include high voltage electrical power system, electrical machine focusing on the switched reluctance machine, renewable energy, advance smart grid for embedded generation and high voltage transmission lines and substations. He has many publications in high voltage earthing systems, lightning design, smart power systems, electric machine, PV solar systems and wind energy. He is an active presenter in electrical power system, he delivered a series of full day workshops and seminars in the field of high voltage power systems and renewable energy. His presentations/workshops capture the industries and academic requirements.


Dr. Mohamad enjoys reading, playing soccer, horse riding, swimming and camping.