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Thomas Corbin

Associate Professor of Business Administration

School of Business Administration

J.D., WMU-Cooley Law School, Lansing Michigan, USA
B.Sc., Political Science, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti Michigan, USA
Thomas Philip Corbin Jr., joined AUD as Assistant Professor in Fall 2015.  He was promoted to Associate Professor in September of 2017.  Thomas Corbin is a licensed attorney and is a member of the Michigan Bar Association.  He is a member of the ICIS Conference Scientific Committee and has been an ATINER Academic Member.
Thomas Corbin has delivered class both on ground and online to students in the United States, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and now the United Arab Emirates. He has been recognized in the past for his work with student organizations and for work in the Humanities at the Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University in Saudi Arabia.
In his spare time, Thomas Corbin has coached for the Dubai Little League and he and his family enjoy traveling, history, politics, science fiction, cartoons and Detroit Tigers Baseball.
Recent Publication Include:
Dissolution Agreements: A Priority Topic for Partnership and Closely Held Corporation During the Formation Process, International Journal of Business Law, International Legal Platform, Issue 2, pg. 274-278, ISSN: 2329-261X (February 2017).
The Non-Usage of Jury Trials in Papua New Guinea.  Thomas P. Corbin Jr. and Godfrey Langtry, Role of Law, Human Rights and Social Justice, Justice Systems, Commerce, and Law Curriculum, p.149-160. Athens Institute for Educations and Research,, ISBN: 978-960-598-104-4. (2017).
Changing the Rules for Receivers and Stockholders in Quasi-Derivative Actions, Case Study: Coppola v. Manning, 2015 Mich App LEXIS 2152 (November 17, 2015), ATINER 14th International Law Conference, Athens Greece. (July 2017).
Teaching Business Ethics to a Culturally Diverse Student Bodies: More Than Theoretical Lip Service, (Business Ethics in the Classroom), Co-authored by Dr. Akram Al Matarneh, International Conference of Interdisciplinary Studies, pg. 124,, ISSN 2469-7540 (March 2017).
The Case of the Crooked Case Worker, Journal of Business Ethics and Education, Volume 13, 2016,, (Fall 2016).
Dissolution Agreements: A Priority Topic for LLCs, Partnerships, and Closely Held Corporations During the Formation Process, Michigan Business Law Journal, Volume 36, Issue 2, pg. 44-47., ISSN: 0899-9651. (Summer 2016).
A Comparative Look of Legal Practice Rules in the U.S. Jurisdiction of Michigan, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Middlesex University Dubai, ERPBSS - Conference 2015.
The Underlying Law and Withdrawal of Offers to the World-at-Large in PNG: A Note on Recent Considerations and General Contract Law Concerns, Selected Issues in Public Private Law, p. 57-68, Edited by David A. Frenkel, Athens Institute for Education and Research 2015.       
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Interlay Factors in Saudi Graduate Student’s Perceptions of Performance and Success, Conference Paper: International Conference of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2015 Global Forum: Informing Societies, Uniting Cultures, Celebrating Diversity, San Antonio, Texas, 2015.
Rule of Law Perceptions of Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) Graduating Law Students, Athens Journal of Education, Volume 1, Issue 2, p. 155-166, May 2014.