Department of Decision Sciences and Economics

B.B.A. Major in Economics

Economics is a discipline that investigates the way in which individuals, households, societies, businesses and governments allocate scarce resources and how they are efficiently utilized to produce goods and services. Economics is one of the core disciplines from which a contemporary business education is being derived.

AUD offers an economics program within its B.B.A., which exposes students to a diverse knowledge, including understanding the domestic, regional, and global economies, understanding the business cycles and how we may prevent future economic crises, etc. Moreover, it prepares students to think and write clearly about economic problems and policy issues, as well as develop a global perspective through our courses.

Economics majors are highly sought by businesses and governments. Economics graduates pursue careers in banking, finance, management, health care, education, private consulting, and international development. AUD students majoring in Economics are provided with the necessary skills for addressing the most challenging questions of both businesses and governments.

B.B.A. Major in Management

The Management major provides students with a solid understanding of both quantitative aspects of Management such as Operations Management and Decision Making as well as qualitative aspects including Leadership, Change and Innovation, and Organizational Behavior. Our graduates deal effectively with operational issues but they also possess strong skills of analysis and synthesis that help them tackle complex and unique challenges requiring in-depth understanding of not only events that occur but, crucially, how and why such events happen. Graduates of the Management Program are the managers of the future, ready to climb the corporate ladder.

Management students are well- prepared for entry-level positions within public and private companies of various sizes. Those students may also seek employment as general managers, human resource managers, sales managers, research associates, and business consultants.

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