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A journey through architecture and pâtisserie

Mar 26, 2019

The American University in Dubai’s Architecture Department at the SAAD presents “archEatable, A journey through architecture and pâtisserie,” an innovative course created by Associate Professor of Architecture Jose Carrillo.


archEatable is a very innovative university course that has explored the limits of education in Architecture throughout a unique and innovative approach in the teaching of Digital Design and Fabrication techniques. It has also meant an opportunity to collaborate with professionals from diverse disciplines with compatible design processes and to interact with students and faculty from others schools at AUD.


archEatable focuses on a crossed relationship between Architecture and the world of Gourmet Pastry “Haute Pâtisserie“. Twelve students were asked to design unique pieces and edible works of art supported in the use of specific cutting-edge software and machinery. The course incorporates novel 3D-printed prototyping, silicone molds and laser cutters into the process to create stunningly unique geometric cakes.


Given its originality and complexity archEatable clearly seeks research, experimentation and risk. The course has had a necessary out-of-class learning activities such as the silicone molds manufacture session at Originbase Fabrication Lab in Al Quoz or the recurrent meetings at the International Centre for Culinary Arts – ICCA where students were asked to establish a close collaboration and guided consultations with professional pastry chefs to learn from them which techniques and ingredients were more suitable to make the cakes come true.


Seeking to promote closer relations between schools at university level, the course also has taken on board the professor Roozbeh Ali Kafi and his students of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication who has covered and documented all the different phases of this journey.


To conclude the semester, we were very excited to see the results being presented in a special event open to all: academics, students and designers on December 19th in Cosentino Showroom at Dubai Design District which venue is the cradle of Design in the region. Dubai has always been a city of innovation and it has become the first city in the Middle East to be appointed as a “Unesco Creative City of Design”.


archEatable has become a pioneering academic opportunity. On the one hand, it has exposed students to innovation by using the latest technology which make them more prepared for a professional world where differentiating themselves from others and generating impact is of vital importance. On the other hand, for the instructor it has created a course that embraces the future of education and configures itself a new discipline never seen before.