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Shopping and Dining

From five-star experiences to international designer brands, shopping and dining in Dubai can only be described as multi-cultural, diverse and world-class.  Pick a food type or a fashion trend and Dubai will offer a number of retail and dining outlets to suit the most multi-cultural of tastes. 

Shopping In Dubai

Shopping in Dubai is mainly limited to malls, and with almost 100 of them across the city, there is no better place to find what you’re looking for. The colossal Dubai Mall is officially the world’s largest mall with 1000+ retailers and department stores such as Bloomingdales and Galeries Lafayette, Olympic-sized skating rink and the famous Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo.  Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall are just a short taxi ride from the campus and also offer world-class shopping, dining and leisure facilities.

Don’t forget the traditional souks and independent street vendors who have some incredibly authentic wares and traditional crafts on offer.  Be prepared to barter!

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Dining out

Carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and more, are catered for in this rich metropolis.  Five star dining?  Take your pick. Budget friendly meals? No problem. Almost every type of food is available from classic European, Polynesian and Thai, to Pakistani, Persian and Japanese from some of the finest restaurants in the Middle East.  International fast-food chains, serving such as McDonalds's, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Hardee's, Wimpy, Dunkin' Donut and KFC are also favorites amongst the student community.

Try out the smaller, ethnic restaurants, food trucks and shisha cafes which all serve delicious Middle Eastern food and drinks.

Muslims are prohibited from eating pork so it is not included in Arabic menus, however hotels can serve pork and if available, it is clearly labeled.

 Alcohol is generally only served in hotel restaurants and bars (but not in Sharjah). Exceptions are some clubs (e.g. golf clubs) and associations. Restaurants that are not associated with hotels are not permitted to serve alcohol.

Waistlines and budgets beware; dining out in Dubai can be heavy on both the wallet and the scales so make use of the many offers, discounts and student nights around town.

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