CRID Webinar Series: Dubai's Peri-Urbanity

An Investigation on the City’s Desert Side

Start Tue, Mar 02
End Tue, Mar 02

This session from the CRID Webinar Series will host Cristiano Luchetti who will talk about Dubai’s Peri-Urbanity. Traditionally, the city/countryside dichotomy is understood through the difference between the high density of volumes, functions, social relations of the urban context, and the low density of the extra-urban territory. In recent research, Rem Koolhaas argues that the western rural areas have reached a degree of specialization and exploitation in which it is difficult to recognize the traditional conception of natural territory. The same extra-urban regions are also affected by recent phenomena of migration that, through a slow de-urbanization, moves from city centers to re-colonize agricultural zones. In hyperarid cities like Dubai, how are peri-urban areas different? In a region where the arable surface does not reach one point of percentage, what is the role of the "Desert-Side"?

Tuesday, March 02, 2021 at 1:00pm (Dubai)


CRID Series Dubai's Peri-Urbanity Poster