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Involvement in student organizations provides the opportunity to make new friends and share mutual interests with fellow students. The student activities program strengthens students’ socialization skills and offers encouragement to those who are making a transition to university life. AUD sponsored activities introduce students to many diverse social and cultural events and intellectual experiences.
Student organizations are responsible for the conduct of all persons at university-related functions. All students and guests must conform to the U.A.E. law. The Student Conduct Code contained in this Handbook applies to all student activities on or off campus. Additional, detailed, and/or current activity and club rules and regulations are available in the Division of Student Activities. Each organization has the responsibility to take all reasonable steps to prevent any infraction of the university rules and U.A.E. laws related to the activities of the organization. Any individual/group whose conduct is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. Such action may include suspension or dismissal of individuals from a particular activity or club.
The university has authority over all student organizations and activities. To provide for the efficient use of AUD’s buildings and facilities and to protect the integrity and reputation of the university, student organizations must complete an online request at least two to three weeks prior to any event, depending on the size and scale of the event. Prior approval for use of AUD facilities is required. This procedure is done in conjunction with the Division of Student Activities.
AUD’s various clubs and organizations are encouraged to communicate their club events and activities through various means such as the Student Services Calendar on the university website, the Electronic Notice boards and bulletin boards throughout the campus. Posters and other marketing instruments must be approved by the Student Activities Coordinators and placed in appropriate locations around campus. Please see Campus Posting Procedures.
Active Student Clubs/Organizations
Policy for Forming Clubs and Organizations
Club Events and Activities
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