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What is the difference between an accredited and unaccredited internship?

Accredited internships are recognized by AUD and upon successful completion, a P/F grade is issued for 3 credit hours. They are more structured than unaccredited internships, which are not recognized by AUD. Therefore, both opportunities offer valuable working experience, but accredited internships lead to earned credit hours.


Am I eligible for an accredited internship?

To be eligible, students must be of senior status, completed 90 credit hours or more, and have a GPA above 2.0 or higher. Different eligibility requirements are set by different departments, therefore it is advisable to speak with Career Services or your Dean or Chair before applying. All accredited internships must be completed within the UAE.


Once a company offers me a position, how may I apply for an accredited internship?

This may be completed in 3 steps:

  1. Speak with Career Services to learn more about the internship program requirements and eligibility;
  2. Collect the appropriate documentation from the company;
  3. Fill in the application form.
If you have questions or would like assistance to find an internship, contact



How long do I need to work in order to earn 3 credit hours?

The answer depends on your field of study:

  • Visual Communication: 250 hours
  • Interior Design: 200 hours
  • Communication and Information Studies: 210 hours
  • Business Administration: 180 hours
  • All other programs: 150 hours
Ideally, these hours will be completed within one academic semester. Determining your first day of work and how many hours you would like to work per week should be negotiated between you and the employer.



When will my internship grade be issued?

If you complete the internship within one academic semester and submit your closing documents (employer evaluation and assignment(s) to the Faculty Supervisor) by the last day of final exams, your grade will be issued that semester. If your internship finishes late, your grade will not be issued until the close of the next semester.


What should I do when my internship is completed?

Speak with your Faculty Supervisor and submit the assignment(s). Speak with your workplace Supervisor to ensure that the employer evaluation form has been sent and returned to your Faculty Supervisor or make sure that you personally submit the evaluation form to your Faculty Supervisor. Internships without an evaluation form cannot be graded by theInternship Faculty Supervisors, resulting in an incomplete grade.


What should I do if my employer and I have a conflict?

Be sure to behave in a professional manner by responding calmly and documenting the conflict with Career Services and your Faculty Supervisor. If you quit your position prior to completing the hours required by your internship program,, you will not receive 3 credit hours.


Where can I learn more about AUD accredited internships?

Please visit Career Services or speak with your Dean or Chair, or the Academic Advising Division.

Why do so many companies want me to apply online?

Online applications offer medium to large organizations a way to organize and filter applicants. This efficiency may lead to a quicker, more objective selection process than manually reviewing several hundred CVs. Though the CVs are being submitted to a database, following up with the employer is still important—even on a cold call/email basis.


How long should I wait before following up with an employer?

Wait a minimum of 2-3 weeks after submitting an application before following up with an employer. If a job announcement includes an application deadline, follow up 1-2 weeks after the job posting has expired. Be sure to include your reference number or date that you applied while following up for easy reference.


Should I visit companies for which I would like to work to submit my CV?

Prior to scheduling a visit, it is best to complete the online application. Afterward, if you would like to visit, schedule a formal appointment, including your agenda, with a member of the hiring team. While most companies do not prefer meeting applicants until the interview, some companies appreciate the extra effort. As an applicant, you should never visit a company without scheduling an appointment.


How should I dress for my job interview?

No matter what the organization, business formal apparel is important. For business and business-related majors, wear a suit in a neutral color, minimal accessories, and conservative hairstyles. For artistic majors, wear a suit in a neutral color, and use accessories, blouses/ties to express your understanding of design. Be sure that everything is tailored and is not revealing too much skin.


What should I bring to a job interview?

Bring either a portfolio, conservative handbag, or a briefcase. Include copies of your CV, cover letter, references, past employer information, and a notebook and pen. Optional: include business cards and your portfolio (both soft and hard copies).


What do I need to know before signing an employment contract?

Prior to signing a contract, learn the local labor laws of the employment zone. Have a friend, family member, or lawyer view the contract with you to ensure that you understand every condition—especially the consequences of leaving the position prior to the end date of the contract. Speak with the Human Resources Office to ask questions about the contract and read the company policies prior to signing. Once the contract is signed, the conditions are binding and therefore may not be negotiated after that point.


Are there enough jobs for today’s graduates?

The economy has not yet recovered completely, so the employment market is competitive. However, fresh graduates are high in demand as they are prepared with the most up-to-date knowledge and trends within their fields of study. Several employers prefer fresh graduates for entry level positions as they can be trained and developed within the company, understanding better its operations and organizational culture.

How may I apply for jobs through Career Services?

First, visit a Career Services team member to discuss your career goals. Second, read the career services guidelines and fill the forms online here Third, complete a rough draft of your CV and visit a career advisor to perfect the document. Finally,browse through the online job postings and apply to each job individually when it matches thoroughly your qualifications.


How often should I visit Career Services?

Depending on your employment needs, you should visit Career Services at least once per semester. If you are in desperate need of employment, visit the team frequently to adjust your job searching strategies to be most effective.


How do I know which advisor to visit?

The Career Services team members are all pleased to help you. You are not assigned to a particular Career Advisor, so feel free to visit any of us.


Should I make an appointment to visit a Career Advisor?

As with all professional offices, appointments are preferred. From December-April, you are required to make an appointment as the Career Fair season is usually busy, unless it is an urgent matter.


How long will Career Services provide assistance to me?

Career Services will assist you from your first semester at AUD to the end of your career. If you find a job and no longer would like assistance, please fill in the Unsubscribe to Career Services form.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to email us at