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The opportunity to participate in university approved internships is an option available to students in all Majors, and students are encouraged to take advantage of this program. The Career Services Office in collaboration with academic departments ensures that an adequate number of quality internship opportunities are available for selection by students. Students can view a list of AUD internship affiliated partners under Career Services.

Students participating in internships can complement their classroom experience and earn credits toward their degrees in an approved off-campus employer that provides practical learning in professional setting.

Senior year students are eligible for accredited internships after completing course work and other minimum requirements as specified by their School/Department. 

Internships may be completed in any of the academic semesters including Summer I and Summer II. Before students can register and start their internship, the Dean, Associate Dean or Chair must approve the host company and the internship program. The total amount of internship credits must not exceed three credit hours towards the completion of the student’s degree program. An exception to this limit, approved by the Dean, Associate Dean or Chair, may be granted in the case of students with double majors. In all cases, it is imperative that students identify and register for the internship before the start of the academic semester/term during which the internship is set to take place. Credits cannot be claimed for internships that were completed without students being registered in advance. Students are advised that internships that were completed without students being registered in advance.

Upon completion of the internship program, students must submit a work report to the faculty internship advisor as per the Department’s requirements. Additionally, the host company supervisor must submit to the faculty internship advisor a written evaluation of the student’s internship work. A final Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade is assigned by the allocated faculty internship advisor.

Students can learn more about the internship program by visiting the Career Services Division.
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AUD Career Services collaborates with several recognized regional and international companies in placing student interns. To view the list of companies where AUD students are doing their internships, please see below.
If you wish to become an affiliated internship partner and you wish to participate in the AUD internship program please contact
The goals of the AUD Internship Program for the host company are:
  • To provide the company the opportunity to assist in the preparation of future professionals
  • To provide the opportunity to recruit trained professionals and to evaluate prospective candidates for later employment
  • To provide the opportunity for exchange of ideas between professionals and students
  • To foster close working relationships with the American University in Dubai
Host Company Responsibilities
A. Meaningful Assignment
Students are given the opportunity to perform tasks that will intellectually stimulate them and provide real job experience. Effective assignments should include challenging projects and tasks. It would also be ideal to include interns in organization events, such as staff meetings, and to allow opportunities for the intern to network with business colleagues.
B. Effective Supervision
The host company supervisor is required to carefully plan the internship and to provide sufficient supervision by holding brief weekly meetings to stay up to date on the intern’s progress.
C. Appropriate Documentation
The employer and intern with the assistance of the intern’s faculty internship supervisor create mutually agreed upon learning objectives. The host company should provide a job description that illustrates the experience that will be gained by an intern. The company should also provide feedback and evaluation of the intern as described in the Internship Evaluation Form upon completion of the internship.
D. Evaluation
  • The host company supervisor should be willing to be available for any query that emanates from AUD’s Career Services Office or the faculty internship supervisor’s in regards to the internship placement process, the ongoing student’s progress and the student’s final evaluation.
  • The host company supervisor and the student will create a list of specific objectives for the internship duration, including assessment criteria that will form the basis for evaluating successful completion of the internship.
  • Although each student is expected to work a minimum of twenty hours during the internship period, it is not necessary that the length of the work term be confined to twenty (20) hours per week. If the student desires to work more than twenty (20) hours per week, and the student supervisor agrees to this, then the student may do so. In all cases, the student’s work schedule is flexible as far as the hours requirement of the internship program are met (Business Administration: 180 hours, Visual Communication: 250 hours, Interior Design: 200 hours, Architecture: 250 hours, Communication and Information Studies: 210 hours).
  • The host company supervisor must be willing to devote time to evaluate the intern’s work at the end of the internship. Brief comments on the positive and negative aspects of the student work’s performance are encouraged. The Internship Evaluation Form should be submitted to the student’s faculty internship supervisor within ten (10) days of the completion of the internship. For Marketing Communications major students, the Marketing Communications Major Evaluation Form should be used. For all other students, the generic Internship Evaluation Form should be used. Student’s are responsible for requesting the completion of their Internship Evaluation Form.
  • The Internship Evaluation Form should be provided by the host company supervisor in written format, signed and stamped by the host company supervisor, and submitted by the student or the company in a sealed envelope to the student’s faculty internship supervisor. Failure to provide the form in a timely manner will result to an incomplete grade for the intern.
  • During the internship term, the host company supervisor can contact the AUD’s Career Services Office or the students’ faculty internship supervisor if problems arise with the student’s work performance.