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Dear Students, Alumni, and Employers,
Thank you for visiting the webpage of the Career Services Office at AUD.
Undoubtedly today’s workplace is a demanding and competitive environment, and that is why it is more important than ever to have good guidance and advice when selecting a career path. AUD Career Services helps to ensure that students successfully bridge the transition from university life to work life through equipping them with career guidance, interview tactics, job search skills, marketplace readiness preparation, and a network of employment opportunities.
The Career Services Office manages the students’ job-seeking process and acts as a liaison between students and their introduction to the marketplace. Our team is committed to assisting students and alumni in seeking rewarding and meaningful careers through developmental career counseling, hosting networking driven events, and facilitating career planning workshops.
AUD offers career services that provide degree seeking AUD students and AUD alumni the opportunity to receive individualized career guidance and job search assistance throughout all stages of students’ career development. A wide spectrum of individualized services is offered, including CV and cover letter writing, interview techniques, job search strategies, professional development, aptitude assessment and general career counseling.
With the increasing competition of today’s global marketplace, students need every competitive advantage available; consequently, AUD encourages students to complement their academic background with solid work experience, ensuring that upon graduation they will meet the high expectations of future employers. Early exposure to a real work environment solidifies students’ academic commitment and allows better understanding of the relationship between the classroom and the marketplace. Entering students are strongly encouraged to register with Career Services during their first academic year and work closely with the Career Services Advisors to develop their career plan parallel with their academic studies.
We liaise with regional and multinational companies, creating a business network to offer employment and internship opportunities to AUD students and alumni. Through a series of activities and events, AUD student community and companies are brought together with the aim of a mutually beneficial collaboration, ensuring that the university’s talent is employed by the market leaders in their future endeavors. The annual Career Fair is the epitome of our team’s efforts in improving student and employer networking.
On behalf of Career Services, we welcome you and invite you to get to know us better. If you need any additional information, please contact us directly at