• *** Fall 2017 semester starts September 04, 2017
  • *** Withdrawal deadline for Summer II 2017 is on Aug 03, 2017
  • *** Make sure not to miss the payment deadline, otherwise you will be dropped from your courses
  • *** Normal Registration for Fall 2017 starts July 10, 2017 and ends Aug 10, 2017; check registration/payment deadlines online
  • ***Summer II 2017 semester starts July 2, 2017, and ends Aug 16, 2017
Welcome to the webpages of the Office of Student Retention and Success!

Benjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying: “nothing preaches better than the act”. It is a phrase that can be applied to many life experiences, but when it comes to teaching students how to set themselves up for a successful education and career, it takes on a deeper meaning.
Since September 2014, our newly created Office for Student Retention and Success has been advising, providing academic and career support to students, which ensures they navigate successful through their journey at AUD and beyond. The university’s Alumni body plays a vital role in supporting this mission through offering mentoring and career support to all our current students.
After graduation, it is our office that remains in contact with our graduates. The office assists with work placements and also tracks our graduates’ successes– many of whom are now regional and international business leaders. The office also forges ongoing relationships with key market players who assist the next generation of students through internships and job opportunities.
Today, getting a higher education is not just about completing courses and getting grades, but also about enabling students to acquire the social and personal skills required to set them on a successful career path.
We are firm believers in our university’s ultimate goal to invest in the intellectual, personal and professional development of our graduates, leading ultimately to the advancement of society.
Do browse our webpages to discover the different services provided by our office.
Tala K. Makhlouf
Director of Student Retention and Success