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"Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time." George Bernard Shaw

The American University in Dubai embraces liberal education as the context within which the university provides students with a 360-degree whole-person education. In this regard, the Office of Student Retention and Success at AUD is committed to assisting students realize their full academic potential and achieve academic and professional success.
As AUD continues to launch exciting new programs and make advancements towards the expansion of its learning environment, students are presented with a wealth of academic and personal resources, opportunities and choices.
The Office of Student Retention and Success supports students throughout their journey at AUD. From the day they enroll till their graduation and even beyond…

The support is delivered through four main vehicles the being first the Academic Support Division. The office supports students facing academic difficulties, those wishing to further enhance their academic performance, and those facing difficulties in particular courses that might hinder their academic progress. We also have a special focus on first-year students and their university experience. We realize that students are capable of achieving their academic and professional goals, but we also know that at times students are faced with academic, time management, emotional, health and other challenges that can affect their academic and professional journey. Hence, the Academic Support Division is here to help students overcome these challenges by either directly assisting them or directing them to the right party or resources that could provide such help.
The second vehicle is the AUD Academic Advising Division, which provides advising services to all students up till they have completed to 60 credit hours (engineering students are advised till graduation) and assists each student in developing and adopting an individual program of study.
The third vehicle is our commitment and active outreach to our vibrant AUD Alumni Community. AUD is very proud of its Alumni who are members of a very diverse, professional, talented and vitalized community. The AUD Alumni Association is the gateway to this community and provides services and resources that strengthen the student and alumni ties to AUD and each other by creating a sense of belonging
Finally, the fourth vehicle is the AUD Career Services Division, which assists students and alumni to successfully explore and prepare for rewarding and meaningful careers, allowing them to develop and maintain a competitive advantage in the emerging employment market. Moreover, the Career Service Division maintains strong ties with the private business community that widens and further accentuates our commitment and partnership with our local and international stakeholders.  
We believe that immediate support will lead to long-term success!” – Tala K. Makhlouf, Director of Student Retention and Success
Learn more about our services, by browsing the following webpages or feel free to pass by our offices in the Student Center building.

The mission of the Office of Student Retention and Success is to assist students in achieving their goals as AUD degree candidates and graduates. Hence, the Office focuses on enhancing academic viability and status and on job placement and career advancement. Academic advising and support, career services and alumni relations are the vehicles through which the Office achieves its goals.
  • To collaborate with administrative and academic units in devising and implementing multi-dimensional plans for student retention;
  • To assist students in the choice of a career, the identification of employment opportunities, and the process of securing recruitment within their chosen field;
  • ​To foster a sense of community among enrolled students and graduates, leading to an active alumni network, which in turn, favors life-long career advancement and contribution to the university; and
  • To guide and support students throughout their education journey to ensure that their academic progress is a successful one meanwhile instilling in them the values required for their continued success.