AUD celebrates 47th UAE National Day
On November 26th, the Emirati student club hosted a grand event on campus to commemorate the 47th UAE National Day.

The evening processions began with the UAE national anthem, followed by a minute of silence to honor the memory of UAE martyrs. Rashed Saif AlMarri, president of Emirati Club gave a welcome speech to the audience saying: “On the second of December, we continue to honor and forge the path of those who have preceded us, striving to make the UAE a bigger beacon of excellence on the world stage”.  He added that this year's celebration carries a special title that is close to our hearts, that of "The Year of Zayed", an initiative and a national occasion to mark the hundredth year of the birth of the late founding leader Sheikh Zayed.  

The program included a poetry recital, that reflected the love of the UAE people for the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. In addition, the Dibba AlFujairah Band presented a national dance, and Dubai Police had a distinguished presence and art pieces which were all admired by the attendees. The ceremony included the presentation of local food, poems by the poet Sheikh Rakkad Abdulla bin Rakkad, as well as musical performances.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Imad Hoballah, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Robin Anke, Dean of Student Services, members of the administrative and teaching bodies, students, parents and large number of nationals and residents of the UAE and their families. Special guest included Rakkad Abdulla bin Rakkad, Khalid Al Khaldi, Ibrahim Ustadi, Abdulla AlShehhi.