Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
AUD joins in on the worldwide breast cancer awareness campaign
“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
Under the guidance of the AUD Health Center, the AUD community came together to increase Breast Cancer awareness among its students, staff, and faculty.  AUD’s Health Center orchestrated its annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign to support the Al Jalila Foundation in aid of breast cancer awareness, research and treatment.
The AUD Health Center in collaboration with student, staff and faculty organized several activities:
  •         Mini Olympic soccer games organized in association with faculty: Nabyl Chenaf, Raj Kapoor, Haitham Solh, Mohamed Nassereddine, Ioannis Ramos, Allwyn Fonseca, Mohammed Balila, Salem Haggag, Elias Haddad, Mohannad Abu Suhaiban, and Resident Assistants, in addition to Indian Cultural Club
  •         Fund raise, Bake Sales, distribution of breast cancer awareness leaflets and brochures managed by PHE( Peer Health educator), with the participation of Lebanese cultural club, Indian  cultural club, SGA, Armenian Cultural club, Japanese Cultural Club, Syrian Cultural Club, Palestinian Cultural Club, Arabic    Cultural Club, Woman awareness leadership and knowledge Club;
  •          Pink manicure offered by AUD Salon
  •          AUD Human Pink Ribbon created with the help of the Engineering Department
  •          Pink ribbon flags decorated the grass, with the support of Communications Team
  •          AUD Dome went pink during the entire month of October, with the support of Central Services
With the participation and collaboration of AUD people, AUD was able to raise the sum of AED 5,400 for the Al Jalila Foundation. Thank you to the AUD community and a special thanks to Nelly Halabi and her team at the AUD Health Center!