AUD in DEWA’s Annual WETEX Green Week
AUD participates in DEWA’s Annual WETEX Green Week Event
The Department of Visual Communication, part of the School of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University in Dubai participated in DEWA’s annual WETEX, Green Week event for 2018. 
Students from this creative department showcased their projects, adding a unique artistic twist to what was conventionally a scientific event exploring effective solutions that preserve and respect the environment.
Celebrating the life-long vision of the late Emirati artist, Hassan Sharif, and his internationally acclaimed works, the AUD Green Week booth presented student projects created from found objects like empty soda bottles, broken glass, old CDs etc. works also featured a large portrait of Hassan Sharif, totally made of recycled papers collected from older university projects.
These works were executed under the supervision of Professor Michael Rice, Interim Chair of the Department “For these projects, students were challenged to find new artistic functions or interpretations for old products. With their solutions, they learned to be resourceful problem solvers in their work and their mindset.”
Professor Dina Faour, Outreach Coordinator for the Department commented on the event: “It was inspirational supervising our Green Week contribution; a different perspective was added to the show. In one event, our art and design students stood side by side with engineering and science students; both disciplines confirmed that creativity is the key and the answer for our survival.” 
Rashed Jassim el Mheiri, a participating student of Graphic Design, commented “Beauty is in objects all around you. Just take a second look. a closer look this time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my work with the public; I feel motivated to look deeper and work harder to create work that keeps getting better.” 
The American University in Dubai prides itself for preparing responsible individuals who are ready for life and the Department of Visual Communication strongly believes that #creativity_is_life