Dr. Georges Kachaamy was invited to present his work titled “Rising Oases”
Dr. Georges Kachaamy, AUD’s Chair and Associate Professor of Architecture, is invited to speak about his recent titled work “Rising Oases” at the launch of the prestigious GAGGENAU Galleria “Design Talk” series.
“Rising Oases” is a series of unchained built environments that comprise of natural resources (light, wind, water, flora, fauna, etc.). They are human scale places of wellbeing that provide the opportunity to disconnect from the city and reconnect with nature. They are platforms inside the city where humans can unwire themselves from their daily restraints and rewire themselves with a once lost unison with nature. With the support of the European Cultural Center (ECC) and AUD, Dr. Georges Kachaamy was invited to present his work titled “Rising Oases” at the Palazzo Bembo exhibition “Time Space Existence” in Venice, Italy.
Dr. Georges Kaachamy was invited to discuss his work on live television, including:
Morning Talk on Lebanese MTV – Innovation in Architecture
Morning Talk on Future TV - Alam Alsabah
Morning News on Future TV – Rising Oases
Evening News on Lebanese MTV – Against All Odds
Morning Talk on MBC - Architectural Education
Gaggenau is a leading appliance developer with a three-century heritage of innovation and cutting-edge technology. Their vision defines them as craftsmen more than manufacturers. This distinction is equally captured in the works of Dr. Georges Kachaamy, who will be discussing his recent work titled “Rising Oases”.