AUD Alumnus from SAAD Receives Award
The American University in Dubai’s Architectural Department from SAAD is pleased to announce that Mohamed Gomaa’s senior design project “Axis Mundi” won “Tomorrow’s leaders. Building the future. - Judges Choice Award” in Cityscape Global Exhibition on October 2, 2018. The award aims to highlight excellence in architectural and urban design giving a chance to showcase their innovative ideas in the exhibition. His project was selected from eleven various professional judges such as Ms. Holley Chant, Executive Director from KEO international Consultants, and Mr. Christopher Seymour, Managing Director from Mott MacDonald.

The senior project was carried out under the instruction of Professor Takeshi Maruyama during the spring 2018 semester which won the innovative award in the Architecture Department senior showcase in May 2018.  Its main concept is combining old Dubai (Bastakiya) with new Dubai (The Skyscraper). His interpreted data and research is integrated into a parametric code to generate the experimental form of this combination.

Its purpose is to reverse the negative effects of skyscraper on the city development through imbuing the essence of old Dubai in a horizontal fashion, thus reshaping the structure into low-rise building. This will promote walkability, visible life around the area, mix use development, the ability to revamp the project as tenants or users evolve over time, and so on.

These are crucial characteristics for a healthy city such as Dubai which are, as of recently, being implemented in a vision that corresponds with the Dubai Future.