MBRSC Students’ Graduation Projects Take a Step Towards Professional Life
AUD’s graduating seniors screened their film projects Saturday evening at the university auditorium before crowds of classmates, professors, and parents, said MBRSC Professor Sophie Boutros.
The eighth graduating class, made up of 51 projects, demonstrated the progress students have made over the years.
“In the nine years I have been here, I’ve observed real improvement in creativity among the projects,” said Professor Sophie Boutros, Head of Student Affairs.
For her part, DPST student Hadia Gaweesh said, “The four-year journey at the MBRSC was distinguished in that it was a university family of professors and students overflowing with love and support.”
“We started with the idea of making a film, but we changed it to a written investigative article,” said Sarah Skaf, who worked with her classmates Nourhan Mansour and Lara Obeidat on a project about recycling in the UAE. She said at AUD she was able to develop personally and professionally as a journalist.
“I benefitted from the skills and experience of the professors and their guidance helped me realize my passion in film making and making projects from the heart,” said Hadia Gaweesh.