The Negative Portrayal of Females in Advertising and to What Extent Are Women to Blame
Honoring the UAE’s 2018 Year of Zayed, the university hosted an inspiring debate on April 23rd, 2018 discussing “The Negative Portrayal of Females in Advertising and to What Extent Are Women to Blame”. The debate was not only a manifestation of the most pressing issues, but also a representation of the inter-collegiate collaboration that hallmarks the American University in Dubai. Its discussing panel was divided into students for the motion and against the motion and was proctored by Dr. Sandra Alexander, Assistant Professor of the Humanities.
The debate is one of the major assignments in Professor Ode Amaize’s newly created AUD course: “Historic and Contemporary issues in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications” (AIMC 331). The debate addresses one of several learning objectives of the course: using critical thinking skills to encourage perception and exposure to social, political, and economic contradictions in the Advertising industry and how Advertising and related industries of Public Relations and Media can faithfully serve the public good.
Following an opening statement from Dr. Imad Hoballah, the Provost of the American University in Dubai, each representing student expressed a point of view that was countered from the opposing team to ultimately culminate in a final review of the debate style from each side. The exchange of ideas from both sides offered a unique opportunity for viewers to develop a comprehensive insight on the prevailing opinions on the subject and to encourage a genuine critical assessment. By addressing this question, Dr. Sandra Alexander states “in answering this question, it is our hope that a broad exchange of ideas will move us toward talking about practical approaches to tackling this problem of representation and move the debate away from talk of blame toward talk of responsibility.”