American University in Dubai's Model United Nations (AUDMUN)
The American University in Dubai's Model United Nations (AUDMUN) third annual conference was held on campus from the 2nd until the 4th of November. The three day conference, that is entirely planned and led by the AUDMUN committee, saw 26 schools and 5 universities compete in several debate rounds held under the theme of “Solving Global Issues”. The different teams battled it out in different United Nations committee simulations, which included the United Nations Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the International Monetary Fund among 20 others.
Each committee announced three awards at the end of the sessions, the Best Delegate Award, Best Research Award and Honorable Mention Award. At the end of the three day conference, two further awards were given out, with Al Mawaked Barsha taking home the Best High School Delegation award, and New York University Abu Dhabi being awarded the Best University Delegation Award.
Mr. Toby Harward, UNHCR’s regional Head of Office attended the conference and gave a passionate closing keynote address, speaking about the importance of having an international diplomatic community whose purpose is to always promote conflict resolution and peace, as opposed to states engaging in territorial and non-territorial wars.
We congratulate the AUDMUN organizing team, and the club’s President Farah Ahmed Bahaa Ali for their dedication and hard work into making this year’s conference an unprecedented success.