School of Business Administration Outreach Program - Procter & Gamble
Legal issues in UAE and making the jump from academia to the real world


The AUD Student Retention and Success Office and the School of Business Administration gathered around 100 students (studying Business Law) to attend a 1 hour talk by members of Procter & Gamble: Waleed Yousef, Legal Counsel - Arabian Peninsula, and Lana Omayer, who leads the Regional Talent Practice Program.
The talk tackled legal issues in UAE and making the jump from academia to the real world.
Some students were also offered the opportunity to pursue an Internship and entry level positions at Procter & Gamble - Arabian Peninsula. 
In a joint statement, Dr. Assaad Farah, Associate Dean of School of Business Administration and Dr. Udo Braendle, Chair of Business and Economics commented that they “believe that this event has assisted students in understanding the external environment of businesses operating in the UAE. It provided students with real life examples that complement the theory studied in class.”
As for Prof. Thomas Corbin, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, he concluded, “it is also critical to point out that having Procter & Gamble on campus on this day fostered a relationship between the AUD-SBA faculty and industry practitioners.  This connection will serve well in the future to ensure that our graduates will be well represented in the internship and entry-level position at Procter & Gamble.”