School of Business Administration Outreach Program - Nestlé
On “Succession Planning”


The AUD Student Retention and Success Office and Dr. Assaad Farah, Associate Dean of the School of Business Administration hosted Ms. Siwar Zein - Talent and Competency Development Manager at Nestlé Middle East FZE during the MBA ‘Leadership’ class.
For more than 2 hours, Ms. Zein discussed the topic of Succession Planning and provided real life examples from her organization. She engaged with the students and there was a lucrative exchange of knowledge and ideas among different members in the classroom, who gave examples from different companies/sectors.
Commenting on the session, MBA student Iman Yassin mentioned that the time and the positive energy that Ms. Zein devoted to the presentation and answering the questions was well perceived by her. The points of the lecture were very interesting and the ideas and suggestions contributed immensely to the topic.
Another MBA student, Kareem Demian mentioned that the session was extremely engaging, addressing many relevant scenarios that are crucial in the talent management and development in almost all major organizations nowadays. “I found the session extremely helpful and addressing many situations that we face at the workplace and Siwar was great addressing these situations and further confirming the key role of successful leadership in driving the success and growth of an organization. At various points of the session, I felt as if Siwar was directly addressing me and highlighting many points to be taken into consideration when developing myself and motivating my team and colleagues to further drive growth. I would like to thank Dr. Assaad for this great interactive session and I look forward to attending more of these engaging interactions in the near future.”
Finally, Amani Abou Assi, also an MBA student, mentioned that “Ms. Siwar showed great enthusiasm in answering all our questions, and her answers where very clear and informative. She talked about HR with high knowledge and experience. I noticed she was applying at her company the real role of HR, which is people-oriented before anything else. She is clearly a great motivator and added a lot to our understanding of leadership attributes.”