Visual Cultures Forum - Fari Bradley & Chris Weaver
Circular Landscapes
The Department of Visual Communication at AUD hosted a Visual Cultures Forum with sound artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver, who presented the research around their Maraya Art Centre commission Circular Landscapes - a series of performances in Sharjah and Dubai during March 2017.
Circular Landscapes is an immersive and evolving piece about the ancient Mleiha desert and an audio-visual interpretation of an experience of the Sharjah Airport, the UAE’s oldest airport. The duo use circular (surround) sound and interpretive visuals to create an experiential portrait, a process of ‘phenomenological research’ of both locations.
Collaborating since 2006, Bradley-Weaver’s practice encompasses experimental music, performance, FM radio and other broadcast formats, installation and sculpture. Their practice is an ongoing exploration of both the physical and architectural potential of sound and acoustics. For them, listening is a means to question sets of social relations between subject and setting and their interest is in locationally specific sculptural and sonic works.
The pair compose and perform works together both as live performance and live broadcast, and have participated in thematic group shows internationally, as well as solo shows at Edge of Arabia (2016) and Tashkeel (2015). Recent residencies include Sharjah Art Foundation (2016), Beirut Art Centre (2016) and Maraya Art Centre (2017).
Both Bradley and Weaver present on sound, radio theory and practice in universities internationally and publish long-form articles relating to their research. Lecture commissions have come from Lahore Biennial Foundation at various Karachi universities, Stuart Hall Library, London College of Communications, NYUAD, Campus Art Dubai and Bristol University. The pair have released an artist’s limited edition record, of UAE electronica ‘Systems for a Score’ with The Vinyl Factory, UK.