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The campus of The American University in Dubai is the material expression of the university’s Mission and character. Two words come to mind in describing this campus – American and world-class: “American” because of its sobriety and Jeffersonian architectural rigor, “world-class” because of the notable quality of the physical plant and accompanying facilities.
Indeed, the facilities that comprise the multi-edifice campus are nothing less than impressive, whether they be found in the academic wings, student and faculty housing or administrative complex. Specifically, 15 buildings dot the campus today, a Student Center, housing indoor sports facilities, food-court, 50 offices and 20 classrooms/labs - in addition to several other amenities - being the latest addition.
The accomplishment of AUD’s objective to deliver a genuinely American education is facilitated by the sports facilities (soccer field, outdoor track, tennis/volleyball/basketball courts, swimming pool) and other space that provide students with the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities which constitute student life on a typical US-based campus. A 900-seat auditorium serves as a venue for student assemblies, conferences, and cultural events. A Student Center, housing indoor sports facilities, was inaugurated in September, 2008. A central indoor stadium is designed so that it can be dismantled into two independent courts used for indoor football, handball, basketball or volleyball. This stadium has a capacity of 2,500 spectators, in addition to an outdoor spectator’s gallery that faces the soccer field and accommodates a public of 300. Separately, there are two squash playgrounds and a 1,600-square feet gymnasium for males and females and an aerobics/dancing/music room.
Advanced technology supports all aspects of campus operations; most appropriately, the delivery of the university’s academic programs. Specifically, 8 computer labs with both IBM and Macintosh hardware form the basis for instruction in information systems and business administration. Two language laboratories serve to enhance teaching effectiveness in the university’s intensive/academic
English courses.
The Blackboard system™ is deployed to provide instructional support in all courses offered by the university, and students can access it from any location in the world where there is Internet connectivity.
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