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The Middle East is such a wonderful yet complex region, that even those who live in the area find it difficult to fully understand its “mechanisms”. Regional and foreign students have shown an increasing interest in developing an understanding of this region and in seeking employment here, hence their need to gain a deeper knowledge of and sensitivity towards its historical, cultural, social and political environment. For that purpose, The American University in Dubai has created its Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies.

The study of the history, culture, religion, and politics of the Middle East may be of interest to all baccalaureate degree candidates. Students who, following graduation, will seek employment within the Middle East will gain a deeper understanding of the environment – historical, cultural, and political – which will serve them well, regardless of the profession they choose.

Study Abroad students benefit from the structured study of the Middle East as a means of complementing the understanding gained from living in the region. Such study serves to complement the undergraduate degree program in which the student is enrolled, the result being a broadening of cultural knowledge and sensitivity – both of which play a role in professional endeavor and success.