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Testimonials are the drive of AUDAA to become and to achieve more and more. They are the voice of AUDAA and are of great value to AUD and its community.

Testimonials are the drive of AUDAA to become and to achieve more and more. They are the voice of AUDAA and are of great value to AUD and its community. Let the community hear from you at


Bilal Sabouni
Bachelor of Information Technology
Class of 2004

“I could not have asked for a better student experience during my four years at the American University in Dubai. Not only was I able to gain important theoretical knowledge from some of the region’s top faculty, but I was also prepared to take on the practical “real world” that lay beyond graduation. This was done by following a fun curriculum that put a heavy emphasis on group work and the fostering of students' interpersonal & social skills; all critical qualities regularly relied upon in a tough and competitive business world. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was well worth the effort.

I attribute my current standing in my community, industry, and the overall business world to the educational foundation I achieved at AUD. My diploma hangs very proudly framed on my office wall and if I could do it, so can you.”.



Andrew Shaheed
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Class of 2009

“Being brought up in the UAE, I knew that going to AUD would be the best choice for my future. The experience I gained is indescribable ranging from the advanced education to the wonderful people I met that shaped the person I am today. When first joining AUD, I didn’t know what to expect but that feeling vanished once I saw the amazing social environment and the diversity of cultures. One thing I learnt was that the more people I got to know from around the world, the more I learnt to respect other people for who they are and gain more knowledge about their backgrounds making AUD a hub that brings cultures together.

My own experience lies within the Civil Engineering program and AUD has one of the best Engineering programs in the region that provided me with the proper education for a prosperous career. Since Dubai has one of the biggest booming construction industries in the world, I believe that the education and the city itself complement each other and provide a once in a lifetime experience. One of a kind projects exist in Dubai, such as Palm Island or Burj Khalifa, and by being unique graduates we have great career opportunities in the region.

Finally, I would like to say that I couldn’t have done it without support from all the faculty members, the students and people that I have met, and my family for giving me the best years of my life at this prestigious institution”.