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Proud to be AUD
MBRSC is appreciative of every student and looks out for those with great potential. For that reason, it contributed to the person that I am today and I feel very proud to be an AUD alumna. With the help of the MBRSC and the MEST [Middle Eastern Studies] staff, I learned about the subjects which I want to develop.

With a passion for communication, Leen Al Fasial knew journalism was the only path for her.
It was therefore no surprise when she joined AUD and chose to pursue her dream at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC), renowned throughout the region for its prestigious, media-focused programs and outstanding caliber of students.  
Just one year after graduation, Leen is putting her newly learned skills into practice, as an intern at English-speaking news channel CNN International, where she is assistant producer on flagship program Connect the World with Becky Anderson. She also produces and edits short web shows, and creates content for an online magazine.
“I have always been interested in communicating unknown issues in the world, and speaking up for the unfortunate ones,” she said. “So, I knew that I wanted to study journalism.
She added: “Each day, I drive to Abu Dhabi, where CNN International Middle East is based, and do eight hours of writing and assisting on the production of the daily show. Then I drive back and exercise, read a book, and before I know it, I’m in a deep sleep. Having a hectic schedule is so much fun!”
The many vocational skills Leen acquired at AUD, coupled with her drive and determination, look set to take her far. She plans to study for a Masters in women and gender studies in the UK in 2016/17, in addition to setting up a YouTube channel that publishes short documentaries about women issues in the Middle East.
Excited about the future, Leen hopes her continued studies and career experiences will be as rewarding and enjoyable as her time at AUD, where she was inspired by many people.
“I will never forget Dr. Pamela Chrabieh, Prof. Fadi Haddad, Prof. Jayson Hetrick and my partner in every AUD memory, Sarah Hassan, who is now a journalist with CNN Arabic,” she said.
“My best memories of MBRSC were formed in the editing suites where we used to spend days without going home. These remind me of my amazing AUD family,” she added.
Leen recalls one experience in particular when the senior students stayed overnight in the editing suites. She took a short nap only to wake up and find her friends taking a selfie – with her in shot!
“They did not want to leave me out of the picture so they decided to take a picture with me, while I was sleeping. I woke up angry but the memory is hilarious,” she laughed.
When it comes to the next batch of MBRSC students, what advice does Leen have to offer them? “Your university experience is what you make it,” she said. “If you wait for good things to come to you, you will have a very dull experience, but if you attract good things, every memory that you look back on will be wonderful.”