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Myrna Ayad graduated from AUD in 2001, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Advertising. Like many of her fellow students, it was the expertise of Dr. Lance de Masi, President of AUD, which encouraged her to pursue Advertising as her major.
After meeting Dr. de Masi, I subsequently took almost all of my advertising and marketing courses with him intentionally. He is a wonderful professor, mentor and inspiration,” she says. “Among the many things I learned and continue to apply in my current profession is the notion of the human condition – this is what is expressed in art and is also what advertising and marketing strategies seek to tackle.
Myrna explains she has always wanted to pursue a career in art, which is why she has been instrumental in building Canvas, the art and culture magazine for the Middle East and Arab world, of which she is now editor.
I have always been an art enthusiast and this passion extends to music, literature, theater productions and films,” she says. “I have always wanted to write, but wasn’t sure which avenue to take. I began my career with Canvas at the magazine’s inception in 2004 and joined on a full-time basis in 2007. I am a very proud Arab and discovering my culture’s art through Canvas is extremely rewarding.”
Myrna is pleased to evolve with the business and now to be involved in documenting the UAE’s art and culture in a forthcoming book. “Canvas has just published Contemporary Kingdom: The Saudi Art Scene Now, and we are currently working on a version for the UAE that is set for release in November. I am proud to be the editor of both of these seminal books, particularly the UAE version as the country has been my home for 33 years and I feel like I owe it a lot.
We also publish Canvas Daily newspapers which report on the Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art fairs,” she adds. “Other projects in the pipeline include a book commemorating ten years of Canvas this year, as well as a lot of travel.
The books have sparked her interest in particular, and Myrna is also considering a foray into television, she reveals: “Professionally, I’d like to publish more books and attend as many exhibitions as I can around the globe. I’ve also recently developed a personal interest in television and would love to conduct interviews on screen.”
Myrna recognizes that she has obtained these skills through her educational foundations. “I owe a lot to my alma maters, the International School of Choueifat and the American University in Dubai,” she says. "The latter taught me strategy and analytical thinking – both of which I continuously try to apply in my day-to-day job. A critical approach allows in-depth questions that make for fantastic interviews.”