• *** Final Grades for Spring 2017 will be released online on Tuesday, May 2, 2017
  • ***Summer I 2017 semester starts May 7, 2017
  • ***Summer I 2017 Drop and Add period starts May 7 and ends May 9
Statement on Research
AUD is a teaching-focused institution of higher learning. Located in Dubai and cognizant of the educational, economic and social development priorities of its environment, the university believes that the most impactful contribution it can make to society is to graduate students prepared to meet the needs and challenges of both a dynamic Middle East and a world subject to constant and rapid change.

Accordingly, the university recognizes and places special emphasis on the key role of faculty in enhancing the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. To this end, the university expects faculty to remain current in their academic disciplines through professional engagement and through research and creative output that advances teaching, practice and  knowledge in their disciplines. AUD provides various mechanisms to support these endeavors and enable faculty to meet the university’s expectations and grow as educators and scholars.