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Institutional Research collects, analyzes, and reports quantitative and qualitative data about faculty, students, curriculum and learning outcomes to inform the University’s decision-making and planning process. Activities include survey data compilation, environmental scanning, and comparative studies with peer institutions, external data reporting and regulatory reporting.

Institutional Research can answer questions such as:
  • Is the institution’s student population growing, declining or remaining stable?
  • What age group or groups does the institution presently serve?
  • Do the various units respond to the educational needs of older/younger students?
  • What are desirable new programs for the University?
  • What is the faculty composition: full-time, adjunct, etc?
  • What ethnicity groups comprise the population?
  • What is the completion rate of first-time freshmen?
  • What is the career services placement rate?
Institutional Research data includes among others:
  • Completion Rates
  • Student/Transfer Drop Rates
  • GPA Distribution
  • Enrollment Data
  • Attrition And Persistence Rates
  • Nationality Distribution
  • Gender Distribution
  • Admissions Conversion Rates
  • Assessment Data
  • Percentage Of Faculty Holding Terminal Degrees