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Al Ansari has been developing opportunities for young people to study technology and science. They work on a variety of projects that could help guide and inspire their willingness to learn.

When asked about the difficulties he faced while starting his company, Al Ansari said: “Coming up with the idea was simple, but actually putting the idea into action was quite difficult. It’s time-consuming and erratic, which meant I was working all the time, even odd hours. I realized early on that I needed to put my all into this if I wanted it to work. Once I realized that I was creating something all on my own it gave me a sense of attachment. I care about this project, so I give it my all.”

Al Ansari launched his first Space Camp Houston trip in April, accompanying 35 Emirati students from the Institute of Applied Technology for a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

He said: “This is a dynamic endeavor to provide today’s youth with extra-curricular, hands-on educational projects and activities that are engaging and relevant. Taking subjects they learn in school and applying this knowledge in the real world will have a massive positive impact on their perceptions and their future career opportunities."

This summer, Space Ed-Ventures organized its second trip to Space Center Houston from June 30 until July 14.

Passionate about his work, Al Ansari had this advice for students: “Starting your own business is going to be difficult, but if you work hard at it and learn from it and give it your all and learn to adapt to your surroundings, it’s almost always going to be worth it.”