Academic Advising Center

Why is academic advising required?

Academic guidance is mandatory during the first 60 credits at AUD. Advisors assist you in articulating your educational goals, clarifying degree options and requirements as well as providing you with referral to other university resources. At AUD, the advising procedure is fully integrated with the registration process. Prior to each registration cycle - if you have less than 60 credit hours - you will be placed on an advising hold to ensure that you consult with your academic advisor. Once you have met with him/her, your advising hold will be removed and you will now be eligible to enroll for classes online.

I have not been fully admitted to the University yet. Can I still be academically advised?

If you are a prospective student or first term student, you will be advised by an Admissions representative.

Who is my academic advisor? Where can I find him/her?

AUD has an Academic Advising Center conveniently located in the Administration building in Room 109, around the corner from Admissions Office. The center is open from 9:00 until 6:00pm, and operates on a walk-in basis.

If you have less than 60 credit hours, your advisorís office is at the Academic Advising Center as follows:

Ms. Cherine Chehab
AAC Coordinator, Academic Advisor - Undergraduate Engineering, Pre-Engineering, Undergraduate Business Administration, General Studies, and Undecided Students.

Dr. Susan Albanus
Academic Advisor - Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Communication.

Ms. Miriam Khalil
Academic Advisor - Undergraduate Business Administration, Communication and Information Studies, and International Studies.

If you have more than 60 credit hours, your advisor is a faculty member assigned to you by the Registrarís Office. His or her name is displayed in your account the Student Portal. Kindly check his/her office hours and make an appointment accordingly.

Engineering students are advised by the AAC throughout their semesters at AUD.

How often do I have to be advised?

If you are a freshman or sophomore, you are required to meet with your advisor at least once a term to discuss your choice of courses and to remove the Advising Hold prior to the Online Registration.

How do I know if I am a Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior?

Your student cohort is determined by the number of credits earned at AUD; it does not include the number of credits you are attempting during the current semester you are enrolled in.

How is advising different from registration?

The Academic Advising Center is imparting guidance throughout the academic term. Your advisor can discuss your degree options, policies, degree requirements, long term plan and estimated graduation dates on a walk-in basis outside the registration period.

However, in order to ensure the efficiency of the advising process during the registration period, priority advising is implemented in this order: seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. During this busy period, the advisor will only help you select the termís courses; questions outside the course selection are not entertained.

I am confused as to which Major to choose, who will help me decide?

Your advisor can help you clarify your educational goals and select the major that is best fit to your needs and abilities. Visit the AAC online or in the Admin building room 109.

Once I enroll at AUD, what courses should I register for?

You are strongly advised to adhere to the devised sequence of courses listed under your degree program. In addition, you must complete ENGL 101, ENGL 102, MATH 111 or MATH 160, and COMP 101 within the first 45 credit hours. You must also complete ENGL 103 within the first 60 credit hours.

I have a Hold; can I still register for my courses online?

All holds must be cleared before the registration deadline to avail of the online registration. The nature of the Hold can be identified on the AUD student portal:

  • AAC Hold: see your advisor at the AAC
  • Admissions Hold: Check with the Admissions Office
  • Financial Hold: Check with the Finance Department
  • GPA Hold: see Student Support Manager
  • Health History Hold: Check with the AUD Health Center
  • Library Hold: settle Library fines
  • Passport Hold: Check with the Visa Officer
  • Registration Hold: Check with the Registrarís Office
  • Foundation Hold: Check with the Registrar's Office


How do I remove my AAC hold?

Kindly complete the Academic Clearance Form with the required information and schedule a meeting with your advisor to remove your AAC hold.

I am placed on a Foundation Hold; can I still register for my courses online?

You are placed on a Foundation Hold if you are still completing one or more of the following remedial courses: Math 098, Math 099 or ENGL 100. As such, your registration will be done in person and not online.

I am having technical difficulties with my online registration or accessing the AUD online portals, what do I do?

Kindly check with the IT Services at AUD to resolve your technical problems. For online registration, you can only enroll in classes online during the specific dates for your cohort (based on the number of earned credits) provided that you are on good academic standing (GPA>2.0). If your GPA is below 2.0, your registration will be done in person; kindly fill the Clearance & Registration Form, secure the signature of the Student Support Manager and your advisor, then submit to the Registrarís office.

I am facing academic difficulty in some of my courses. What can I do about it?

AUD has the following campus resources to cater to your specific needs:

  • The Student Writing Center
  • The Math Tutoring center
  • The Physics Tutoring Classes
  • The Student Support Services


How do I withdraw from my classes?

If you wish to withdraw from classes, you can do so online under the Registrarís web-pages.

  • Click Course Withdrawal
  • Type in your AUD log in information (AUD Username and Password)
  • Choose category
  • Select the course you want to withdraw from.


What is an Undergraduate Catalog and where can I find it?

The Undergraduate Catalog is the ultimate AUD publication listing all university policies, degree requirements, course descriptions and availabilities. The Catalog is available online on the official university website; click here to download.

What is ISST?

This is an Islamic Study course required by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. AUD offers a list of ISST electives to choose from that are listed in the AUD Undergraduate Catalog or to the fliers available at the AAC. You are required to complete only one.

Which courses are considered Social Sciences (SSCI), Science electives (SCIE) and Humanities (HUMN) electives?

Please refer to the course options listed in the AUD Undergraduate Catalog or to the AAC fliers.

I am pursuing a degree other than BCIS and BAIS and I would like to enroll in a language course; which one am I eligible to take?

If you are not majoring in Media or International studies, you are eligible to take any language course provided that you are not a native speaker and/or that you have not completed a similar course in your last three years of high school. Further restrictions may apply; contact your advisor for further clarifications.

Can I take courses elsewhere? How do I start the procedure?

You are kindly asked to do the below prior to the term you plan on going abroad:

  • Identify the university of interest outside the UAE,
  • Obtain the syllabus of the course you plan on enrolling in,
  • Complete the Approval Form For Transfer Credit To AUD in the Admissions Office, and
  • Secure the required signatures.