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The campus of The American University in Dubai is the material expression of the university’s Mission and character. Two words come to mind in describing this campus – American and world-class: “American” because of its sobriety and Jeffersonian architectural rigor, “world-class” because of the notable quality of the physical plant and accompanying facilities.

Indeed, the facilities that comprise the multi-edifice campus are nothing less than impressive, whether they are found in the academic wings, student and faculty housing or administrative complex. Specifically, 14 buildings dot the campus today, a Student Center, housing indoor sports facilities including the AUD Knights arena, food-court, 50 offices and 20 classrooms/labs - in addition to several other amenities - being the latest addition.

The accomplishment of AUD’s objective to deliver a genuinely American education is facilitated by the sports facilities (soccer field, outdoor track, tennis/volleyball/basketball courts, swimming pool) and other space that provide students with the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities which constitute student life on a typical US-based campus. A 900-seat auditorium serves as a venue for student assemblies, conferences, and cultural events. A Student Center, housing indoor sports facilities, was inaugurated in September, 2008. The central indoor stadium is designed so that it can be dismantled into two independent courts used for indoor football, handball, basketball or volleyball. This stadium has a capacity of 2,500 spectators, in addition to an outdoor spectator’s gallery that faces the soccer field and accommodates a public of 300. Separately, there are two squash playgrounds and a 1,600-square feet gymnasium for males and females and an aerobics/dancing/music room.

Advanced technology supports all aspects of campus operations; most appropriately, the delivery of the university’s academic programs. Specifically, 30 computer labs with both IBM and Macintosh hardware form the basis for instruction in IT, business administration and the applied arts. Two language laboratories serve to enhance teaching effectiveness in the university’s intensive/academic English courses.

The Blackboard system is deployed to provide instructional support in all courses offered by the university, and students can access it from any location in the world where there is Internet connectivity.

Directions & Map

AUD's campus is situated next to Media City, Internet City, the Palm Island and five star beach resorts area. It is 15 minutes from the heart of Dubai's financial and commercial centre and 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

AUD Campus Map AUD Directions
AUD Campus Map AUD Campus Map
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Academic Buildings

Engineering BuildingThe School of Architecture, Art and Design maintains several studios, labs, and other spaces that provide a fully professional setting for AUD students enrolled in these programs. The studios represent the wide-ranging tasks students in these programs are required to complete: a 2D Design studio, an Advertising Studio, a Graphic Design Studio, a Painting/Drawing Studio, a Photography and general use Studio, a B&W Photography Darkroom, a Lighting Studio, a Senior Studio, and two PC  Computer/ Design Studios (combined 38 PCs). Likewise, the labs available in the School provide appropriate facilities for a variety of tasks/projects: a Digital Media Computer Lab/Studio (18 Laptop Stations, 4 Mac Pro Editing Suites), One PC Computer Lab (21 PCs), One PC Computer Lab/Design Lounge (18 Macs), and a general use Computer Lab. All labs are fully equipped with the latest software, such as Auto CAD, CS, Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D. Labs are also equipped with a full range of scanners and other creative arts peripherals. In addition to the computer resources, the School also maintains a dedicated Model and Furniture Making Workshop, a fully equipped Exhibition Gallery, and extensive printing facilities with two-color A3 size printers, a Xerox 7750DN, a Xerox 7760GX, an Epson Pro 4800 Mini Plotter, an HP large format plotter, and an Epson 9900 large format photography printer. Other spaces in the School include two fully-equipped lecture halls, two lecture rooms, and a resource room where students can check out materials/equipment. Outside the School’s main building, students and faculty have access to three additional structures, all with professional-quality facilities. The School Annex houses ten faculty offices, a laser-cutting shop, two Architecture Studios, a Printmaking Lab, and a 3D Studio and Woodworking Shop. The recently constructed Design Center serves as a resource, both for research and in terms of outreach to the region’s architectural community. Finally, the “Glass House” includes two Architecture Studios and one large Studio/Student Lounge.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) provides its students in Digital Production/Storytelling and Journalism programs with state-of-the-art facilities to assist them in the completion of their tasks/projects. A CISCO TelePresence 3210 resides in MBRSC’s Global Classroom and serves as a high-technology medium for lectures by the most accomplished media academicians and professionals from around the world. The School houses a fully equipped, soundproof TV studio and control room with three cameras, state-of-the-art lighting, vision and audio mixers, lighting console and a multi-viewer screen. For other assignments, students have access to “shooting kits” which contain HD cameras as well as lighting and sound equipment. For post-production work, the School provides its students with two Mac Computer Labs (total 36 stations) and six individual editing suites that run Final Cut Pro™ and Avid™ editing software. To its list of facilities, the MBRSC recently added a 36-seat Screening Room, which is equipped with a high caliber projector and sound system.

AUD’s School of Engineering houses several labs, including those used by students in the Computer Science and CIT programs. The physics lab is equipped with Pasco equipment for conducting a broad range of experiments in motion dynamics, electricity and magnetism. The engineering computer labs house over 100 PC’s, equipped with educational and professional engineering software including MatLab, Maple, PSPICE, AutoDesk, Primavera, GeoSuite, ETABS, SAFE, SAP2000, and Heastad Methods software.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Labs comprise 14 stations with complete sets of oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, triple DC power supplies, logic analyzers, function generators, operational amplifiers, and semiconductor curve tracers. The labs are also equipped with educational equipment for electric power systems including DC motors, 3-phase motors, transformers, induction motors, and variables speed drives. The Civil Engineering Labs are equipped concrete and steel testing equipment, theodolites and total stations for field surveying, environmental water and air quality measurement and water treatment systems, and material and geotechnical equipment for specific gravity, hardness, toughness, soil classification, compaction, permeability, consolidation, direct shear and triaxial testing. The Mechanical Engineering Labs house heat and mass exchange units, as well as a fully equipped engineering shop with CAD and CNC machines, and 3D printers.  The Civil and Mechanical Labs also house an Instron Universal Testing Machine, as well as multiple workstations for fluid dynamics and hydraulic experiments.

The Student Center

CafeteriaThe Center Building is the most recent addition to the campus; it extends over an area of 13,000 m².

Ground Floor cafeteria, a central kitchen with all amenities (including a 400m² dining area), a central indoor football field (dismantled into two independent courts), stadium (2,500 pax), an outdoor stadium (300 pax), 2 squash play grounds, 2 locker rooms (with shower booths for boys and girls), a barber shop, a beauty salon, a travel agency, a bank, a copy center, AUD souvenir shop, a book store, a supermarket, and 3 shops.The Student Center

First Floor food court with 6 outlets, 6 kitchens, 6 stores, and 400m² dining area, a restaurant, store room, multipurpose 144 capacity high tech hall, and a meeting room (36 players), AUD sports coaches office, two 1,600 sq ft gymnasiums for boys and girls, and a sports office.

Second Floor hall (100 pax), 9 classrooms/labs, storage room, 17 offices, conference rooms, 2 control rooms for the central court, and a lobby area.

Third Floor 9 classrooms/labs, a storage room, 21 offices, conference room, and a lobby area.

AuditoriumAdministration Building

The main Administration Building houses all the administrative offices, AUD's 1,100m² Library, and the Auditorium, which fits 900 guests and is fully equipped with the latest sound and light systems.

Residence Halls

HousingDormsStudent Residence Halls are located in the northwest corner of the AUD campus and have a capacity to house 536 students. Each residence hall has a laundry room, a study area, a TV lounge, and a fully equipped kitchen and dining room. Campus satellite television service is provided in each lounge. High-speed Internet connections are standard in each room. A separate female gym and male gym are available for use by housing residents. This complete fitness facility is provided free to students living in the residence halls.

Open Door Facilities

Soccer FieldSports Facilities

The campus outdoor facility includes basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, a soccer field and a swimming pool.

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